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Our goal is to shed light on the Janesville WI's rich history, vibrant culture, and bright future. From local events and attractions to restaurant reviews and positive movements, this website has got you covered. Take part in our polls and have your voice heard, and stay informed with our articles written by us. Join us in celebrating everything that makes Janesville WI the incredible place that it is.

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Frozen yogurt or Ice Cream!

Frozen yogurt or Ice Cream!

You’d think there wouldn’t be that big of a different, both dairy products, both frozen, and both delicious, and truly there isn’t but I most definitely have a preference….. depending on the day! When I’m feeling a little particular about my snack, I go for frozen yogurt, typically because at most frozen yogurt spots you get to build your own bowls of what goes into it. Of course, it’s a bit healthier because of the less sugar content and the base being yogurt, but let’s be honest we just add all that back with the toppings we put on it! 😅 there is a slight down to Frozen yogurt and that is that it melts in a hurry, so it’s something you can’t savor with time because you’re trying to devour that sucker before it’s dripping down your hand. Now as for ice cream, it’s convenient because you can find it on every corner and at any grocery store! Also they do the thinking for you the delicious flavors are already created and mixed for you! So it’s great option for being quick and a hurry, and sometimes just want a treat with all the sugars! 😅So I guess the answer is, it depends on the today? How about for you? 



Boba tea or Bubble Tea?

Boba tea or Bubble Tea?

Okay, let’s talk about it. Is it boba tea or bubble tea? And what is it Well okay, technically it’s both. Bubble tea is just another name for boba tea. However, when you visit a shop and order a drink with boba you are typically going to get the same flavor of boba which is going to be the tapioca pearls. These have more of a chewy texture, and a bit of a brown sugar and vanilla taste to them (in my opinion) I typically get this if I’m wanting more of a snack! Now bubble tea on the other hand, are little bubbles of flavor that will burst in your mouth with little pressure applied! The thing about these bubbles is you get to pick your flavor. They come in strawberry, mango, and blueberry at some places! This form of bubble tea is what I get when I want a cool refreshing summer drink! Now the bubbles and boba sit at the bottom, as far as what’s on top of them well that’s entirely up to you, you can do tea , milk tea, lemonade or a frozen blended option! It’s fun to try different flavors and combinations, my recommendation is to never get the same flavor twice! 



Devil’s Staircase trail review

Devil’s Staircase trail review

I took advantage of the perfect Saturday and went on a hike, it as a 20/10 experience! I’ve always loved a cute little walk around the neighborhood or through the park, but hiking is just a horse of a different color in the best way possible! This hike in particular I took The Devil’s Staircase trail it came with beautiful views, not too many scary bugs or animals (this is always a plus in my book), and it was a great length for a quick but efficient hike to get a good Saturday morning workout in! I didn’t want to spend more than the morning in the trail, so this was a great one to enjoy nature but not be forced to enjoy nature 😅



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